GGP Consultants Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

"GGP Consultants India" Privacy Policy

Only the team working in a project is aware of the identity of the client or the nature of the work undertaken. Until specific authorization is obtained from the client in writing the client identity is never revealed to anyone.

  • Transform our knowledge and competence into competitive benefits for our clients
  • Presenting quality services with integrity, expertise and professionalism
  • Offer personalized services for meeting the variegated demands of our clients
  • To enable clients make an informed decisions
  • Enhance the prospects in the client's areas of operation
  • Work in accordance to certain technical and professional standards
  • Always honest to our clients
  • Maintain a high standard of competence
  • Respect clients' confidentiality
  • Keep organization up-to-date with best business practice
  • Maintaining Code of Ethics
  • Highly professional work


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Aditi Garg

Managing Director

Gaurav Garg

Business Associate

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Business Associate