Why Business in India


“In recent years, India has emerged as one of the most attractive destinations not only for investments but also for doing business, evident by its significant jump by 12 places in Ease of Doing Business rankings between 2014 and 2015 (Source: Ease of Doing Business, World Bank).”

India is fastest growing economy in the world. India has huge market to sell the goods and provide the services. India has population of 1.31 billion approx out of which 60% are in the age group of 15-60 age groups. India have 2nd largest internet users. As per economic times India has an immediate investment opportunity of $1 trillion. India enjoys favourable rating from major credit rating agencies around the globe.

The world focused on India as an advantageous opportunity. It is boom time for India because of the below factors:

  1. Policies of Government of India are favourable for Trade.
  2. India has a large pool of Trained and Skilled talented professionals.
  3. In India now a Company can be incorporated within 7 Days.
  4. For making Import and Export requires only 3 documents.
  5. Goods and Services Tax – One Tax One Nation framework has already been adopted by India.
  6. Online portal for various tax and statutory compliance.
  7. Department of Commerce, Government of India has launched Indian Trade Portal for relevant information regarding measures which may affect trade.
  8. An investor Facilitation cell has been created in India to assist and handhold investors during life-cycle of the business.
  9. India is likely to grow at consistently higher rates and retain its position as one of the fastest growing economies till 2020. (Source International Monetary Fund)

Improved business process and procedures shows new opportunities and create confidence among entrepreneurs as a result of which India moved up 12 places in the World Bank’s Doing Business ranking 2016 over released in October 2015.

“India ranks amongst the top 10 FDI destinations globally – surpassing USD 50 billion in FY 2015-16. India has shown a growth of 46% in FDI equity inflow and 37% in overall FDI inflow since the launch of Make in India initiative (Source: Ministry of Commerce, Government of India)”

Make in India provide multiple reforms to boost manufacturing and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India. India has witnessed a substantial increase in FDI inflow with USD 161 Billion FDI received between April 2014 and March 2017. What stands out about this is that it accounts for 33.2% of cumulative FDI inflow in India since April 2000 until March 2017. Further, since the launch of Make in India, there has been a spectacular 62% growth in FDI equity inflow into the country.

If India continues its recent growth trend, average household incomes will triple over the next two decades and it will become the world’s fifth largest consumer economy by the year 2025 (Source: The Bird of Gold, McKinsey Report)